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In a significant step towards transforming Pakistan’s agriculture sector, the country witnessed the inauguration of its first-ever corporate farm, Fone Grow, in the Perowal area of Khanewal. Spearheaded by the Fauji Foundation and supported by the Pakistan Army, this innovative agricultural project covers a vast area of 2,250 acres. The primary aim of this venture is to revolutionize the agriculture industry by leveraging modern technology and best practices. With the successful implementation of this pioneering initiative, the ambitious plan is set to expand to an astonishing one lakh acres over the next five years. Let’s delve deeper into the revolutionary concept of corporate farming and its potential impact on Pakistan’s agriculture sector.

Corporate Farming: A Game-Changing Approach

Corporate farming represents a transformative approach to agriculture, where large-scale, professionally managed farms employ advanced technologies and efficient techniques to boost productivity and enhance yield. FonGrow, a subsidiary of the Fauji Foundation, stands at the forefront of this paradigm shift. The Green Pakistan Initiative, launched under the auspices of the Pakistan Army, aims to ensure national food security and explore opportunities in the export market. The introduction of corporate farming is expected to play a pivotal role in achieving these goals.

Leveraging Modern Technology for Enhanced Productivity

One of the key drivers of the corporate farming model is integrating modern technology and mechanization into agricultural practices. The use of cutting-edge technologies, such as Centre Pivot High-Efficiency Irrigation Systems, high-capacity Tractors with Zero Tillage Implements, Soil and Weather Sensors, Smart Surveillance and Spray Systems based on Drones, and Combine Harvester Machines, enables optimal resource utilization and boosts agricultural efficiency.

FonGrow’s Resource Conservation Technology

Resource conservation technology is at the heart of FonGrow’s operations. By employing practices like Center Pivot Irrigation, water conservation of up to 90 percent is achieved, significantly surpassing conventional flood irrigation methods. The implementation of these innovative techniques not only contributes to environmental sustainability but also leads to increased crop yields, ultimately benefiting Pakistan’s agricultural landscape.

Expanding Corporate Farms: A Step Towards Food Security

The success of Fone Grow’s testbed farm in Khanewal has also paved the way for establishing corporate farms in other regions. With lands identified in the Thal desert area, FonGrow plans to establish farms spanning over 30,000 acres in the next five years. These farms will cultivate various crops, including wheat, cotton, pulses, oil crops, and Rhodes grass. Developing crop processing facilities will further promote value addition, creating new opportunities for growth and employment in the agricultural sector.

Balancing Progress with Small-Scale Farmers

While corporate farming represents a monumental leap forward in modernizing agriculture, balancing large-scale initiatives and small-scale farmers is essential. FonGrow emphasizes that their project is not intended to compete with or undermine small-scale farming but aims to introduce best practices and support the overall expansion of agriculture in Pakistan.

Towards Economic Resilience and Self-Sufficiency

The vision behind FonGrow’s initiative aligns with the determination of the Armed Forces and the government of Pakistan to lead the country toward economic resilience and self-sufficiency. By reducing dependence on foreign imports and promoting enhanced local agricultural production, corporate farming will play a crucial role in strengthening Pakistan’s agriculture sector and contributing to long-term food security and economic growth.


The inauguration of Pakistan’s first-ever corporate farm, Fone Grow, begins a groundbreaking agricultural revolution. Spearheaded by the Fauji Foundation and supported by the Pakistan Army, this visionary initiative aims to transform unproductive lands into viable farming areas, leveraging modern technology and best practices. As FonGrow plans to expand this pioneering project to one lakh acres within the next five years, the path toward achieving food security and economic growth becomes clearer. By blending progress with inclusivity, corporate farming promises to uplift Pakistan’s agriculture sector and pave the way for a prosperous future.

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