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Massey Ferguson 362 Tractor, commonly referred to as the MF 362. It is a versatile and dependable agricultural machine that has garnered a strong reputation among farmers. It is designed and manufactured by Massey Ferguson, a renowned name in the industry. MF 362 is equipped with a range of impressive specifications and features that contribute to its exceptional performance in various farming tasks.

In this blog, we will delve into the detailed specifications of the Massey Ferguson 362 Tractor. We’ll learn an in-depth overview of its engine and power, transmission and PTO options, weight, and dimensions. We’ll also learn about hydraulics and a 3-point hitch system, brakes and steering, tires and ground clearance, electrical system, and battery, as well as optional features. By understanding the capabilities and features of the MF 362, you will gain valuable insights into why it has become a popular choice among farmers worldwide.

Join us as we explore the specifications and highlights of the Massey Ferguson 362 Tractor, and discover why it stands out as a reliable and efficient partner in the field of agriculture.

Engine and Power

The Massey Ferguson 362 Tractor (MF 362) is equipped with a robust Perkins A4.236 engine. It has four cylinders and a displacement of 3.86 liters (236 cubic inches). This naturally aspirated engine delivers reliable performance in various agricultural applications. The MF 362 produces a maximum power of 61 horsepower.

Engine TypePerkins A4.236
Displacement3.86 liters [236 cubic inches]
61 hp
45.5 kW
Rated RPM2,200
Torque179 lb-ft [242.7 Nm]
Fuel Capacity19.3 gal [73.1 L]
Cooling SystemLiquid
Air CleanerDry

Transmission and PTO:

The Massey Ferguson 362 Tractor (MF 362) offers versatile transmission options to suit different farming applications. You can choose between an 8-speed or 12-speed transmission. It provides flexibility and control over your tractor’s speed.

The 8-speed transmission offers eight forward gears and two reverse gears, while the 12-speed transmission provides an additional range of gears for enhanced precision and efficiency.

Both transmission options come with a dual-clutch system. It allows for smooth and seamless gear shifts. Additionally, an optional shuttle feature is available, enabling quick and effortless direction changes without the need for clutching or stopping.

The MF 362 is equipped with an independent power take-off (PTO) system, delivering reliable and efficient power to various implements. The PTO power of the tractor is rated at 55 horsepower, ensuring ample power for demanding tasks.

The standard PTO speed of the MF 362 is 540 RPM (revolutions per minute). It is suitable for a wide range of implements. Additionally, an optional 1,000 RPM PTO speed is available. It provides compatibility with implements that require higher rotational speeds.

With its versatile transmission options and efficient PTO system, the Massey Ferguson 362 Tractor offers enhanced productivity and adaptability in the field. This allows you to tackle different tasks with ease and precision.

Transmission Options8-Speed or 12-Speed
Forward Gears8 (8-speed transmission) or 12 (12-speed transmission)
Reverse Gears2
ClutchDual Clutch
ShuttleAvailable (optional)
PTO TypeIndependent
PTO Power55 hp [41 kw]
PTO Speed540 RPM (Standard), 1,000 RPM (Optional)

Weight and Dimensions:

The Massey Ferguson 362 Tractor has a weight of approximately 5335 lbs making it sturdy and stable for various agricultural tasks. It has a length of 136 inches [345 cm] and a width of 74.9 inches [189.3 cm]. The MF 362 is compact enough to maneuver through narrow spaces while still offering sufficient stability and functionality.

The tractor stands at a height of 93.3 inches (2,369 mm), providing ample headroom for the operator and ensuring good visibility in the field.

MF 362 has a ground clearance of 18.7 inches (475 mm). It offers excellent clearance over obstacles and uneven terrain, minimizing the risk of getting stuck or damaging the undercarriage.

The turning radius of the MF 362 is 13.8 feet (4.2 meters), allowing for efficient maneuverability and easy navigation in confined spaces.

2WD ROPS Weight:5335 lbs [2419 kg]
4WD ROPS Weight:5960 lbs [2703 kg]
Length136 inches [345 cm]
Width74.9 inches [189.3 cm]
Height93.3 inches [2,36.9 cm]
Ground Clearance18.7 inches [475 mm]
2WD Wheelbase:79.6 inches [202 cm]
4WD Wheelbase:83.3 inches [211 cm]
Turning Radius13.8 feet [4.2 meters]

Hydraulics and Hitch:

The Massey Ferguson 362 Tractor (MF 362) is equipped with an open-center hydraulic system, providing efficient and reliable power to various hydraulic implements and attachments. More specs are given in tabular form:

Hydraulics TypeOpen Center
Pump Capacity11.5 gallons per minute [43.3 liters per minute]
Pump flow:9.2 gpm
34.8 lpm [auxiliary pump]
Total flow:13.7 gpm [51.9 lpm]
Steering flow:5.8 gpm [22.0 lpm]
3-Point Hitch CategoryCategory I
3-Point Hitch Lift Capacity3,968 lbs [1,800 kg]
Draft ControlAvailable [optional]
Lower LinksTelescopic
Top LinkAdjustable

Brakes and Steering

The Massey Ferguson 362 Tractor (MF 362) is equipped with a reliable wet disc and power steering. These brakes provide effective stopping power and ensure the safety of the tractor and operator during the operation.

Braking Systemwet disc
Braking TypeManual
Parking BrakeHand-operated


The Massey Ferguson 362 Tractor (MF 362) is equipped with appropriately sized tires. It ensures optimal traction and performance in various field conditions.

The front tire size for the MF 362 is standard at 6.50-16. These tires provide good stability and grip, allowing the tractor to maneuver through different terrains with ease. Additionally, wide front tires are available as an option, further enhancing stability and traction in challenging environments.

The rear tire size of the MF 362 is 14.9-28. These tires offer excellent traction and flotation, enabling the tractor to maintain grip and control in various soil conditions. The size of the rear tires contributes to the overall stability of the tractor while working with heavy implements or navigating uneven terrain.

Front Tire TypeStandard: 6.50-16
Rear Tire Size14.9-28

Electrical System and Battery:

The Massey Ferguson 362 Tractor (MF 362) is equipped with a reliable electrical system. It ensures a consistent power supply for various functions and components.

The tractor is equipped with a 12V alternator. It plays a vital role in charging the battery and supplying power to the electrical system while the engine is running. The alternator ensures a reliable and consistent power supply to meet the demands of the tractor’s electrical functions.

The MF 362 utilizes a Group 27 battery, which is a common and robust battery size. This battery is designed to provide sufficient starting power and electrical energy for the tractor’s operation, even in demanding conditions.

System Voltage12 Volts
Alternator12V Alternator
BatteryGroup 27 Battery

Optional Features for the Massey Ferguson 362 Tractor:

The MF 362 offers several optional features that can further enhance its versatility and functionality to meet specific needs and preferences. These optional features include:

Front Loader:

This tractor can be equipped with a front loader attachment. It allows for easy and efficient loading, lifting, and transporting of materials. The front loader enhances the tractor’s versatility and expands its capabilities in handling various tasks, such as moving soil, gravel, or other materials.


An optional cab can be installed on the MF 362, providing a comfortable and enclosed operating environment for the operator. The cab protects the operator from the elements. It reduces noise levels, and offers improved visibility, enhancing overall comfort and productivity, especially during long hours of operation.

Air Conditioning:

For operators working in hot or humid climates, the MF 362 offers an optional air conditioning system for the cab. The air conditioning system provides a comfortable and cool environment inside the cab, allowing operators to work efficiently even in challenging weather conditions.

Front Weights:

Optional front weights can be added to the MF 362. It enhances stability and traction, particularly when working with heavy rear-mounted implements. The front weights help balance the weight distribution of the tractor, improving overall performance and safety.

Additional Lighting:

Optional additional lighting features, such as extra work lights or high-visibility beacons, can be installed to enhance visibility during low-light conditions or night-time operations. These lighting options improve safety and productivity, ensuring operators have adequate illumination in their working area.

These optional features provide customization options for the MF 362 Tractor. It allows operators to tailor the machine to their specific needs and working conditions. These optional features enhance the overall functionality and adaptability of the MF 362 to meet diverse agricultural requirements.


In conclusion, the Massey Ferguson 362 Tractor (MF 362) stands out as a reliable and versatile choice for farmers and agricultural professionals. It has a powerful engine, versatile transmission options, and efficient hydraulics. MF 362 delivers exceptional performance and productivity in various agricultural tasks. Its compact size, sturdy build, and excellent maneuverability make it suitable for navigating tight spaces and challenging terrains. The robust 3-point hitch system, generous lift capacity, and optional features such as a front loader and cab further enhance its functionality. Overall, the MF 362 is a trusted companion in the field, offering the power, versatility, and reliability required to tackle a wide range of agricultural applications.


What is the horsepower of the Massey Ferguson 362 Tractor?

The MF 362 is equipped with a diesel engine delivering 61 horsepower (HP).

What type of transmission options are available for the MF 362?

The MF 362 offers a choice between 8-speed or 12-speed transmissions. It allows operators to select the speed options that best suit their specific requirements.

Can the MF 362 handle heavy implements?

Yes, the MF 362 has a robust 3-point hitch system with a lift capacity of up to 3,968 lbs (1,800 kg). This enables the tractor to handle heavy implements and perform tasks that require substantial lifting power.

Are there optional features available for the MF 362?

Yes, the MF 362 offers optional features such as a front loader, cab, air conditioning, front weights, and additional lighting. These optional features provide customization options to meet specific needs and enhance the tractor’s functionality.

Where can I find parts and service for the MF 362 Tractor?

Parts and service for the MF 362 Tractor can typically be obtained from authorized Massey Ferguson dealerships or authorized service centers. These locations are trained to provide maintenance, repairs, and access to genuine parts for the tractor.

Can the MF 362 be used for both agricultural and non-agricultural applications?

While the MF 362 is primarily designed for agricultural use, it is versatility and optional features allow it to be utilized in various non-agricultural applications as well, such as landscaping, construction, or material handling.


The specifications listed in this blog are based on the best available information at the time of publication. However, specifications may vary depending on the production year and location of the tractor.

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