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In the vast fields of modern agriculture, technology, and innovation have become increasingly vital to meet food production demands. At the forefront of this agricultural revolution stands Fendt, a renowned German agricultural machinery manufacturer with a ninety-year legacy. From humble beginnings to becoming a global leader in the industry, Fendt has continuously pushed the boundaries of excellence in tractor manufacturing.

In this blog, we explore Fendt’s core operations. We’ll also unveil the secrets behind their remarkable tractors. Join us as we delve into Fendt tractors’ history, evolution, and market dominance. We’ll also uncover the locations where these iconic machines come to life. From the picturesque landscapes of Bavaria to the bustling production centers in the United States and Italy, we’ll take you behind the scenes to witness the intricate process of crafting these cutting-edge agricultural marvels.

So, fasten your seatbelts as we unravel the story of Fendt tractors. This is where tradition meets technology, and precision agriculture finds its beating heart. Let’s venture into Fendt’s manufacturing prowess and discover the craftsmanship that drives the world’s most innovative tractors.

History and Evolution of Fendt Tractors:

To truly understand the significance of Fendt tractors, we must step back in time. The Fendt family, renowned in the Allgäu region for their craftsmanship, established a small sideline business in agricultural equipment. In 1898, Johann Georg Fendt took the reins of the family business and sold and serviced Deutz stationary engines. However, it was in 1928 that a pivotal moment occurred, leading Fendt into the realm of agricultural utility machines with the creation of a motorized grass mower.

The turning point came in 1930 when the Fendt brothers, Hermann and Xaver, under their father’s guidance, built the first Dieselross tractor. This 6-horsepower wonder marked the beginning of an extraordinary journey. By 1937, the company was officially incorporated in the commercial register. In 1938, the Fendt brothers introduced the powerful Dieselross F 22, boasting up to 22 horsepower.

Over the years, Fendt steadily built its reputation with the Dieselross series, garnering accolades for reliable and robust machines. But it was in 1958 when Fendt entered the era with the launch of the “ff” series, which included the Favorit, Farmer, and Fix models. This series revolutionized tractor design by offering engine power ranging from 15 horsepower to 80 horsepower. The Favorit 1 set the trend with its innovative transmission design and build.

Fendt’s dedication to innovation and engineering excellence remained the same as the years passed. In 1995, they introduced their Vario Class, featuring groundbreaking gearbox technology – the world’s first large tractor with a stepless continuously variable transmission. This innovation improved efficiency and set new standards for tractor performance.

Fendt’s Global Presence and Market Leadership:

With their relentless pursuit of excellence, Fendt expanded its global reach. Today, Fendt’s agricultural equipment serves farmers and professionals worldwide, synonymous with quality, reliability, and technological advancement.

In 2018, Fendt proudly claimed the largest share of the European tractor market, a testament to farmers’ trust and confidence. Moreover, Fendt held a dominant market share in their home country, Germany, underscoring their local and international influence in the agricultural industry.

Acknowledged by contractors and farmers, Fendt’s reputation soared when it secured the top spot in the DLG’s annual image barometer. They earned an astounding 99.3 out of 100 points. Such recognition reflects Fendt’s unwavering commitment to meet and exceed its customers’ expectations.

Stay tuned for the next part of our journey, where we’ll unveil the locations that form the backbone of Fendt’s manufacturing prowess. From state-of-the-art production centers in Germany to cutting-edge facilities in the United States and Italy, we’ll discover how Fendt tractors come to life.

Where are Fendt tractors made

Fendt Tractor Manufacturing Locations:

The heart of Fendt’s manufacturing lies in the picturesque town of Marktoberdorf, nestled in the Allgäu region of Bavaria, Germany. This central production hub is where the magic happens. All corporate areas, from development to production and marketing, work in complete coordination towards a common goal. Here, Fendt tractors are meticulously crafted, combining tradition and technology to create agricultural masterpieces.

The Marktoberdorf facility boasts an ideal working environment designed for ergonomics and efficiency. Every workstation has state-of-the-art tools. The materials are arranged intelligently to ensure workers have everything they need at their fingertips. It enhances productivity and precision. Structure, order, and absolute cleanliness characterize the production facility, reflecting Fendt’s commitment to excellence.

But the story continues in Marktoberdorf. Fendt’s manufacturing prowess extends to several other locations worldwide, each crucial in delivering top-notch tractors to the global market.


Located near Marktoberdorf, this facility produces components for Fendt tractors’ cab and hood. Complex contours are cut from raw material plates using cutting-edge 2D and 3D laser cutting systems. It ensures meticulous processing of the components that define Fendt’s distinct design.

Breganze, Italy:

Home to AGCO Harvesting’s center of excellence, this site focuses on Fendt combined harvesters production. Combining over six decades of modernization experience, Breganze manufactures combines that meet the highest quality standards. Using a mixed-model production concept, the site’s assembly line ensures sustainable growth.

Jackson, Minnesota, USA:

This location is dedicated to developing and producing tracked tractors and tracked drives for harvesting machines. Utilizing innovative technologies like Smart Glasses, the assembly and quality assurance teams ensure each work step is performed accurately.

Hohenmölsen, Saxony-Anhalt:

At this large AGCO/Fendt site, the first forage harvester in the AGCO Group – the Fendt Katana 65 – is manufactured in series. Additionally, heavy plate components for Fendt tractors are manufactured here, demonstrating Fendt’s commitment to lean principles and efficient forage harvester production.

Wolfenbüttel and Hesston are centers of excellence for big balers, variable round balers, and crop technology. With decades of experience and constant innovation, they uphold Fendt’s legacy of producing high-quality balers.

The production process at each location follows Fendt’s commitment to cutting-edge technology and high-tech manufacturing. Every step, from raw materials to the finished product, is meticulously executed, resulting in tractors that set historical milestones in the agricultural technology industry.

In the next part of our journey, we’ll dive deeper into Fendt’s manufacturing process at these locations. We’ll uncover the intricacies of how these extraordinary machines are crafted. Stay tuned as we explore the passion and precision behind Fendt tractor manufacturing.

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The Fendt tractor production process:

The journey of crafting a Fendt tractor is an intricate and precise process where tradition meets technology to create the epitome of agricultural machinery. Let’s delve deeper into the steps in bringing these extraordinary machines to life.

Research and Development: 

The process begins with extensive research and development at Fendt’s headquarters in Marktoberdorf. Engineers and designers collaborate to conceptualize new models and innovative features. They fine-tune designs through cutting-edge simulations and prototyping to optimize performance, efficiency, and user-friendliness.

Manufacturing of Components: 

High-quality components for Fendt tractors are produced at various locations, such as Asbach-Bäumenheim and Hohenmölsen. State-of-the-art technology, including 2D and 3D laser cutting systems, ensures precision in creating complex parts for the tractor’s cab, hood, and other essential elements.

Assembly Line: 

The heart of the manufacturing process lies in the assembly line at Marktoberdorf. Here, skilled technicians meticulously build each Fendt tractor step by step. The assembly line is optimized for efficiency, with materials and tools arranged strategically to minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

Cutting-Edge Paint Shop: 

Fendt sets new milestones in the agricultural technology industry with its paint shop system. Tractor body painting employs the latest technologies to achieve a flawless, durable, and consistent finish. Cutting-edge coating techniques ensure every Fendt tractor shines with pride.

Quality Control: 

Fendt’s commitment to excellence extends to rigorous quality control measures. At every stage of the manufacturing process, stringent quality checks are performed to ensure that each component meets the highest standards. Tractors undergo extensive testing to ensure they are ready to tackle modern agriculture challenges.

Global Distribution: 

Once the tractors pass all quality checks, they are ready for distribution. Fendt tractors are shipped from their manufacturing locations to dealerships worldwide, reaching farmers and professionals who rely on their outstanding performance in the field.

Ongoing Support and Service: 

Fendt tractor journey doesn’t end with its sale. Fendt places high importance on customer satisfaction and support. Dealerships offer comprehensive after-sales service, ensuring farmers have access to maintenance and support throughout the lifecycle of their tractors.


Fendt tractors are made in two primary locations: Marktoberdorf, Germany, and Jackson, Minnesota, USA. Marktoberdorf is the heart of Fendt’s manufacturing. Here, an ideal working environment and cutting-edge technology come together to create these extraordinary machines. Here, Fendt’s legacy of craftsmanship and precision thrives, delivering top-notch agricultural equipment to farmers worldwide. Fendt’s quality commitment extends to Jackson, Minnesota. Fendt tractors are a symbol of power, innovation, and excellence. They lead the way in modern farming and ensure farmers can rely on the latest machinery to feed the world.


What is the significance of Marktoberdorf in Fendt’s manufacturing process?

Marktoberdorf is the birthplace of Fendt tractors, and it remains the primary manufacturing location for the company. The assembly line, research and development, and quality control processes are centered. This ensures that Fendt tractors are crafted with precision and excellence.

How does Fendt maintain quality in their manufacturing process?

Fendt places a strong emphasis on quality control throughout the manufacturing process. Every component and finished tractor undergoes rigorous testing to meet the highest performance and reliability standards. Skilled technicians and cutting-edge technology maintain Fendt tractors’ renowned quality.

Are Fendt tractors available worldwide?

Yes, Fendt tractors have a global presence and are available to farmers and professionals worldwide. Thanks to their reputation for innovation and performance, Fendt tractors are widely used in various agricultural settings across different countries.

How does Fendt ensure efficiency and productivity in their manufacturing process?

Fendt employs state-of-the-art technology and optimized assembly lines at their manufacturing locations. This ensures the production process is efficient and each tractor is meticulously crafted. This results in high-quality machines that deliver exceptional performance on the field.

Is there a difference in tractor quality manufactured in different locations?

Fendt maintains strict quality control standards across all its manufacturing locations. Whether produced in Marktoberdorf, Germany, or Jackson, Minnesota, USA, Fendt tractors are crafted with the same precision and attention to detail. This ensures consistent quality and performance.

Can farmers access Fendt tractors globally?

Yes, Fendt tractors are distributed globally through authorized dealerships and sales networks. Farmers and professionals can access Fendt tractors and comprehensive support services in various regions worldwide.

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